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Rain Bird Corporation is a large international privately-held manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services for landscapes, golf courses, sports fields, and agriculture which are designed to minimize water consumption. The firm is headquartered in Azusa, California, with offices and manufacturing facilities in Tucson, Arizona; Steele, Alabama; Mexico; France; and China.

A disappointed customer shares his experience on reviews.io, "I've been using Rain Bird product personally, and professionally, for at least 30 years. Now that I'm retired I have time to put a little extra effort into my personal landscape. With all the COVID-19 BS I decided to order parts online from Rain Bird. The first order of 5 part numbers came in two boxes two weeks after the order was placed. One of the 5 items is terminally backordered. The second order was 4 part numbers. Two boxes with 3 of the part numbers came quickly. I'm still waiting on the third box. From the second order one of the items was wrong (tees instead of ells). Rain Bird wants me to send the wrong item back, on my dime, then reorder the correct item and pay shipping again. Nope. I will try and source locally. Rain Bird needs to get its act together."


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Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"everything else, Bosses . You are expected to work as a superhero from the day one and that too without any guidance or providing any information. lack of team work"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"When the majority of the reviews here are 1 Star, it’s obvious that the few 4-5 Star reviews were created by HR to help inflate the rating. If ZERO Stars was an option, that would be my vote. It really is unbelievable that this company still exists. I won’t even use the word leadership because there is none...but if there was leadership it couldn’t be described as anything other than atrocious, toxic, and hateful. I really can’t imagine living my life that way and I can’t believe that any of those in Sr. “Leadership” positions truly love their job. They have to be miserable to treat people the way they do. There is zero integrity in this company. And they certainly don’t care about the people. The repetitive meetings that accomplish nothing and are comical. It really is quite unbelievable that a company run so poorly, with the most toxic work culture I have ever seen, with the highest turnover I have ever seen, with as much disregard for its employees you will ever see, remains in business. The feedback from customers in atrocious. There is zero confidence and trust from them towards Rain Bird. They are reluctant to develop any relationship with Rain Bird sales people because its likely in 12 months they will be gone. The term “Management” implies coaching and development so I’m not sure those in supervisory roles could technically be considered managers. There is no appetite to help develop talent or leaders here. If you’re considered in the bottom 20% in terms of performance, you will be terminated. Even if you are considered a solid performer, once the bottom 20% is eliminated, guess what???? You just went from a solid performer to now the bottom 20% and it’s your turn to be shown the door. It really is just unfathomable that this corporate philosophy even exists. Market Share continues to decline as more competitors enter the irrigation space. The only prospect of share gain is international and that’s only because they are naive to the issues that plague Rain Bird in the US. They will try to lure you in with above average salaries...DO NOT TAKE THE BAIT!!! No amount of money is worth the unhappiness that will enter your life from the first day of employment here. Despite the rhetoric, there really is no desire to change the culture and improve the company. They will tell you they need you to develop a strategy, change the culture, establish team work, and fix the business, but that’s really not what they want. Whatever you do, do not accept a position with this company. If you do, make sure it’s only a bridge to something better. Continue to network and look for other jobs. If this reviews helps even just one person to steer clear of this company, it was worth the time to write it."

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Very poor culture, unfriendly staff"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Regardless of performance cuts are frequent and without reason. Generally it shows lack of commitment to customers."

Former Employee - Sales Marketing Product Management Operations Quality says

"A culture of paranoia and uncertainty; no one is secure in their role. Once an innovator, now dysfunctional and bureaucratic, Rain Bird struggles to deliver growth and breakthrough innovations, opting instead to copy existing technology, still failing to deliver. Contrary to the words of management (there are no leaders at Rain Bird), mediocrity is expected, it is dangerous to take risks, drive innovation, or suggest a change. The owner and his group of henchmen all display limited cognitive ability, running the company like it is 1977. If you choose to ignore the vast number of warnings and join the company, prepare yourself for a slow disintegration of your joy and confidence. Extremely high turnover in all of the manufacturing plants keeps an inept quality department busy and full of self-gratification, rarely solving problems promptly, usually blaming the customer. The birds' wings were clipped many years ago; do not join this failing joke of a company."

Current Employee - Regional Sales Manager says

"Moody management - Family Business"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company has some of the worst managers you could ever imagine and when things get at their worst during a pandemic...they are all still standing. Owner and managers protect their friends and leave the people who do the real work hanging out to dry. As is their trend, once things ease up, they will begin to try to rebuild what they just destroyed. I know things are tough and any job looks good. My advice is if you accept a role with Rain Bird, particularly in Tucson, do not consider this the end of your search. Keep looking because you will want out of the saddest most pathetic workplace you have ever experienced. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!"

Former Employee - CAM says

"Regional Manager who never earned the respect of all 9 sales staff while I was there. Upper management is clueless to what happens in So Cal. Job tenure, RB hears it at all levels but they keep same toxic culture."

Current Employee - Distributor Manager says

"HR never cared about the Rain Bird Employees, it is funny to see them engage in this Glass Door forum."

Sr. Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Poor management. The manager that try to compete with his own employee on solution is an idiot manager, I would never suggest this company to any man or woman that is level headed person.None.You have to pay for your coffee."

Distributor Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poison culture. Corrective action plans for most sales staff members, sooner or later. Wrecked and sidetracked careers the norm of the day. Sales not the place to be. Incompetent managers. Also fear based. Break people down and intimidate, dont build them up. Terrible."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"They hire very experienced qualified people with high hopes, and those hopes are always crushed as they are walked out the door. You either kiss the ring or your outGood productTerrible xulture"

CAM (Current Employee) says

"Never have worked in a company that will believe lies first and when you expose the truth they shrug it off. Violations of so many moral,ethical and legal laws its pathetic. Work a 1950's marketing mentality and you might succeed here. If your a superstar I advise against RB. Once your teammates realize your going to blow it out of the park due to there lackluster performance your a marked man. Directors are shill of men. Fire people cause oldTony thinks there weird. Doesn't matter that they are the number one producer.You get to work with weak individuals.Recruiters call it the "dirty bird'."

Business Development Manager - Water Reuse (Current Employee) says

"Rain Bird is by far the worst company I have ever worked for, with an incompetent executive management team. They are still operating in the smoke-stack era and they should have changed their president and CEO out years ago. This company is definitely being held back by its ownership and top management. It may be at a point of no return to improve the performance of this company.NaNa"

SENIOR TOOLING ENGINEER (Former Employee) says

"Not a good company to work for if you are wanting to make your own decisions. Company managements if the worst I have ever work for before. My opinion is look somewhere else.Pay was fair.Management"

sales (Current Employee) says

"The culture is poor and based mostly on fear of your job. Most people only last about a year and a half with the company. Turn over is high in corporate positions and sales. It is seen as a badge of management to fire people to show that you can make a hard decision. They hire some of the best people I have ever worked with, but then the quickly drive the majority of them away.pay is above averagehealth benefits are poor to terrible, no job security, no sense of values."

Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Micro management at its best. CEO is a disconnected introvert that could care less about his employees. Upper management is clueless and just falls in line with the CEO as yes men."

Cycle counter/material handler (Former Employee) says

"The managment, specifically the plaint manager, has no clue what goes on. Very inexperienced and it shows! There is no supervision in the material handling department on the production side at all. Temps are treated like they don't matter. You have to take your well being and safty into your own hands. They say one thing and operate another. The most backward, unprofessional place I have ever worked, by far! Run from this facility! Had to wait at the gate to get someone to open it on average of 15- 20 minutes or longer without compensation for months to work over for them before they got my access card fixed. Then at door to take my temp everyday as I would have to call and wait for someone to show up IF I could reach anyone knowing I was there at the same time everyday! The day I left.Management, safety, ethics, job security."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Very poor culture, not open, zero support from Corporate on the contrary, hostile environment and nothing can be said or done because HR makes all decisionsPay is goodHorrible, horrible corporate culture"

SMO (Current Employee) says

"Run! Good people on the floor but don’t trust Plant Manager or Quality Manager. There is a lot of backstabbing in management which is why the turnover is very high. Outdated technology and techniques of doing things. Poor process control. They fired the Production Manager a few months ago and noticed things going downhill since he left.Good pay.Poor plant management, hours, benefits"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"I don't know where all these 5 star reviews are coming from. As a seasoned professional with prior experience within top tier corporations, I was hired because of my broad range of skills and abilities to implement strategies to drive change. The culture is terrible. Sr Managers micro manage seasoned professionals with a "manager by fear & intimidation" method, primarily because they are afraid their incompetencies with be revealed. Quashing new ideas & innovation many professionals either throw in the towel & quit. While others stay because they have relocated their family to Tucson & feel trapped. HR is non existing. It is widely know a female professional was terminated after experiencing workplace harrassment from a Sr manager. She complained & was fired the next day. This place is run with a 1970's philosophy of business.Great peopleSr ManagementThank you for your comments, we are taking steps to address all concerns so Rain Bird employees have a positive experience. Please be aware the HR area takes all terminations very seriously, and what was rumored likely was not the entire circumstance that led to this change."

Tooling Manager March 2011 to present (Current Employee) says

"A very poor atitude from managers towards others. No team working, very poor attitude to problem solving."

Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Been deciding the same thing for 7 years. Not interested in new ideas. Coworkers and Peers that want to do a good job and make a difference but not supported by legacy management."

Director of Manufacturing (Current Employee) says

"I should have realized that if their CEO is voted Worst In America, it wasn't a place to work. The HR organization is described as Internal Affairs within the company.High salary, but must be negotiatedVery high turnover"

WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR (Current Employee) says

"at first, this job was fun. as time goes on the overall rule changes and the redundancy has given away to a very cumbersome and lack luster type of job. the crew i work with are very good, and the reason i still go to work."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"You may be successful depending on who you work for otherwise forget it. Old school mentality and not open for change. I do not recommend. Don't waste your time."

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Not a great place to work. This place is growing fast with no infrastructure to support it. You will run into a million roadblocks before noon. Lots of room for advancement, but such a high turnover rate because the quality of life here is really poor."

Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"Unless you absolutely have to take a job do not work here. I gave one star only because I had to. Otherwise, it would have been zero. By far the worst place I have ever worked and worst boss I have ever had. They pay well but everything else about the place is terrible. Management is from the dark ages and could care less about their people. The few good ones figure this out quickly and move on. It is a revolving door."

National Accounts Manager - Golf Division (Current Employee) says

"A culture of mediocrity. The company is siloed into several different business units and not cohesive. Very little if any money is spent on marketing and limited sales staff and independent distribution model make it very hard to compete with competition."

Guy Thornton says

"I live in Spain and had a professional landscape company install irrigation using 5 x Rainbird WPX programmers. One failed within a few months and was replaced under warranty. The others all failed during their second year, including the replacement....but were deemed out of warranty. 100% failure. I wrote to the Rainbird EU HQ complaining and didn't even receive a reply. One of their dealers in Spain, Viagua es acknowledges Rainbird controllers are unreliable and recommends he sell you other brands.
We recommend this other programmer."

Now, that is some product endorsement!"